Denscapes and Identity

Denscape Sketches with residents at Dove Court, Burnley

Working at Swallow House, Robin House, Kingfisher House, and Nightingale House in Dove Court, Burnley, residents have been creating and designing the process with which to create spaces, as well as take part in building denscapes.

Dens are universal to many cultures, and the idea of creating your own space can give people a sense of autonomy and expression through the environment they create. The care home is such a unique setting as it has to be a home, place of work and a space which meets legal requirements for care and health & safety.

Marking your own sense of identity in this space can be difficult, especially if people are not used to this form of institution. The den can become a space where they can be temporarily transported to a different place of their own making and choosing.

The project has been funding through the Developing Your Creative Practice fund, supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Images for Denscapes and Identity, by Stacey Coughlin