Collaborative Musical Sculptures

Maggie's Oldham

Creative Family Day

This sculpture was created at Maggie's Oldham for an Art & Music Family Day. Adults and children took part in a drumming circle and creative activities workshops.

This sculpture is created from individual's pieces of artwork that was inspired by the music-making on the day. The adults and children took turns creating music and art, with each group playing and inspiring each other.

Using Wassily Kandinsky's (1866 – 1944) artwork as inspiration, we created drawings and mark-making based on the rhythms and sounds the drumming created. We then created individual shapes using these techniques while the group thought about what places the rhythms reminded them of, what colour the sound was or how the music made them feel.

While all the adults and children took part in a final large drumming circle, the pieces were brought together to create this collaborative sculpture for the end of the day.

Images for Collaborative Musical Sculptures, by Stacey Coughlin