Denscapes - The Wheatsheaf of Plenty

DIS:connect Exhibition
Castefield New Art Space Rochdale

Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre, Rochdale
March 2018

Dens are places we make in order to escape or enhance where we find ourselves.

Temporarily, we can remove ourselves from the world to reflect upon it. A place of solitude or social interaction, dens are fleeting environments in which you can try out new ideas, or ponder on old ones. The den becomes a space that is free from past or future and is only connected to what your imagination brings within its boundaries.

This den was constructed to invite visitors to consider Rochdale present, past and future through the town's symbol of the Wheatsheaf.

The den is made of three spaces.
The first area is to locate yourself in the present here and now; to feel calm and situated within the den and away from the outside.
You may then enter a place of Rochdale Past to share your memories and stories with others.
The third space is locating a potential Rochdale Future. Like the many ears of corn standing together, we can add our ideas collectively in co-operation to help build and renew 'The Plentiful Wheatsheaf'.

Images for Denscapes - The Wheatsheaf of Plenty, by Stacey Coughlin